Lets talk about a new gadget…Penclic


Now in a generation where most of us are in front of a computer screen, a lot whether its for work or catching up on your favourite YouTuber’s. We can practically sit there for hours. I know I do

When I worked for a magazine company I found that my right wrist (I’m right handed) would start to hurt in the week. Using the computer mouse constantly began to wear on my wrists.

Introducing The R3 Wireless Penclic! 

“Penclic Mouse combines ergonomically sound design with modern mouse technology to bring great precision, comfort and efficiency” 

Penclic is a Swedish company who combine the latest technology with sleek, ergonomic design. Their products make your work by the computer more functional and efficient. Their aims are for durability, quality and care.

Penclic’s innovative computer accessories are attuned to the ergonomic requirements that our bodies need when at our desks. These ergonomic advances provided in the products grant the user an amazing and unique experience, which it definitely did. Apart from the strong ergonomic advantages found in Penclic’s products, they also strive to include nifty technological functions and smart, clean Scandinavian design.


Penclic is super easy to use that its a little unbelievable

 1. Switch the on-off button to ON

2. Charge up the battery

3. Insert the nano – USB receiver

And that’s that! Simple



                Thoughts: I do believe there is definitely a place in the market for this item. As a lot of us our stuck behind our desks, which can lead to either back/wrist pain throughout time called RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

For myself, I do think I would be sticking to the good old mouse/laptop. As I found it more comfortable for myself throughout my work days. If you find that you struggle with wrist pain, give this item a go! I’m looking forward to reviewing more of Penclic’s products as I know there’s one I am going to love! 

Find their products here : http://www.penclic.se/







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