This is my hair

This is my history represented in my curl pattern

4B? 3C? 4A? That’s history

Playground days when water would caress the air

Landing on my afro puff which never bent or broke


It stood


While Lucy’s and Hannah’s were sporting the wet look

Laying submissively


I like the kind of hair that will stand up for its rights

The kind that fights at every coil and curl


It does what it wants


When it wants


 To my Nubian princesses

Your hair is poetry

Spoken through the twists and bounce of each strand

Resume your love affair with your head wraps

 There are special powers interwoven in your braids and cornrows

Liberation singing “we are beautiful” through every strand


And every march throughout history


To the miracle makers, dream chasers and superheroes

“Natural Hair Journey” “goal lengths”: the language of competition we all understand


Love your hair because it’s yours

 And your history


J x


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