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Now I know I’m not the only one out there who isn’t obsessed with YouTube. So I thought I would let you know my favourite  beauty guru’s who help me look snatched on a good day (you know what I’m saying)

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley! I honestly can’t explain how much this beautiful lady has helped me just venture in to the world of Make up. The bonus is, were a similar skin tone so I just buy all the foundation shades she does. Her videos I super helpful as she explains techniques in a lot of the depth.

If you are a beginner in to the make up world like myself. Alissa is a great person to help you guide you to the correct products for your skin type, eye shape and skin tone

Her Fenty Beauty Video and her favourites on 2017 are such great watches!

Twitter :  @alissa_ashley       Instagram: @alissa.ashely        Youtube: Alissa Ashley

Patrica Bright

Patricia Bright! Its a waooooow! This lady is absolutely stunning.

What I love about watching Patrica is that she is so honest in her reviews regarding big make up brands. Shes hilarious and she reflects an ordinary lady who just  loves make up.

Now ladies we all know we love to shop and to even find a bargain while doing this but she just don’t have the shacoins (money) to do so. However; Patricia our fairy Godmother has created a series of doing a huge shop and giving us her first impressions! On we’ll know brands such as Zara, Romwe, PLT and Missguided. All you need is a packet of hobnobs, a glass of wine and you are ready to press play

Intagram : @PatricaBright

Youtube : Patricia Bright

Twitter : @PattyOLovesU

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Jackie Aina

“Jackie Jackie Jackie…Jackie Jackie” That’s the theme song before you thought I was bugging out. My girl Jackie Aina!!! I love her, like love her so much can she adopt me (no seriously). Jackie has recently successfully reached 2 million subscribers, her tutorials are super clear and again she is very real and honest with her reviews.

Jackie is the queen of Wigs! The wig change in the Fenty Beauty lipstick video made my life lol. You need to see it ha ha

Twitter: @jackieaina        Instagram: @jackieaina       Youtube: Jackie Aina

Tasha Green

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Tasha Green is a London based Vlogger who makes my soul so happy with her relaxing chilled videos. Tasha also has fitness videos where she explains workout routines at home and at the gym. Tasha’s expresses herself through great style and experimenting with braids etc. I just love her lol

Twitter : @TashaGGreen

Instagram : @tashaggreen

Youtube: Tasha Green

Samantha Maria 

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You know when you watch a YouTuber and you feel like you’re best pals. That’s how I feel about Sammi lol. She has such a lovely spirit. Taking us through her pregnancy journey was amazing.

I especially like watching her vlogging channel as it is really relaxing. Sammi also has a blog which has amazing style tips on there! You all should definitely check her out

Twitter: @samanthamaria

Instagram: @samanthamariaofficial

YouTube: Samantha Maria


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