As we are still in the month of love, I thought it would be very fitting to talk about dating. A lot of you may have gone on some amazing valentine dates or some really bad ones (is it bad that I laughed to myself lol)

Now if you read my last blog, you would know I dislike dating as much as I dislike 🐶. I’m so dramatic. But I do feel that I have some great tips up my sleeve to bring you a successful dating life.

p.s if you use these tips and your dating life doesn’t get better please don’t message me. You’re the mess lool joking



  1. Leave your expectations at the door: Okay so ladies here me out, if you are going on a date looking to be whined and dined on a budget only Chris Brown may have; but you’re not going on a date with Chris Brown then why do we expect that ?!?. If it isn’t Chris Breezy leave the expectations at home
  2. Know your non-negotiables 🤝: These would be those instant red flags or deal breakers—he smokes, a non religious, doesn’t like cats, etc.—this will instantly tell you to move on so you’re not wasting your time. “What are those three things that are not negotiable when you’re looking for a relationship?” asked relationship expert Dr. Melanie Mills. “Try not to include physical or financial attributes. Focus on character traits, personality type, and value systems.”
  3. TEXT! CALL! SNAPCHAT! IF YOU WANT TO 👩🏽‍💻: Watching rom-coms in the 90’s always had the lady waiting 3 days or more before  she felt it was fitting to message the guy she went on a date with. I’m pretty sure Rachael from Friends did this lol. Rules like ‘wait 3 days to call back’ no longer apply in 2018. “If you treat dating and love like a game, someone—or both of you—will end up the loser,” says host  Simon Marcel Badinter. “If you want to, call back in the next 24 hours. It has to be honest and spontaneous if you want to be respected and start a healthy relationship.”
  4. Pay attention to the red flags! 🚩🚩:Have you heard of a such a thing as a woman’s intuition? That ish is real folks. Women all around the world will know when something shady is happening because we feel it in our spirits. Its like a ‘whatless man’ radar lol that thing is always beeping. If your date can’t answer simple questions about where he works or acts super shady from you asking simple questions, LEAVE! RUN! MOONWALK OUT OF THERE. Listen to what your gut is telling you. And that goes for behaviours too. If he’s already getting on your nerves and it’s only the first date that’s another indicator that you’re just not going to work out.
  5. Know who you is as a person 👩🏽👈🏽👌🏽: The dating game isn’t for the faint hearted. The reality of it is, dating can be hard and feelings can be hurt. But if you know who you are and how you want to be treated then you won’t allow someone (or the dating scene) to continually hurt or discourage you.
  6. Some men actually aren’t trash 🗑 (i mean meh 🤷🏽‍♀️😅): Okay so maybe your past relationships haven’t turned out like you wanted them to, or you feel like every guy/girl you’ve been on dates with have been a tad soggy. Well, suck it up. Put those heels or 97’s on and get back out. We can’t let our past experiences affect our judgement of a new person were meeting. ANNNNNNND! please do not bring up your ex’s on a first date 🙅🏽‍♀️. Its irrelevant, your the same who before and after you met your ex!!
  7.  Its called the Dating Game for a reason 🎮Dating should feel like you’re going on a trip to Thorpe park, not like you’re sitting a maths GCSE exam. Just relax. We need to remember dating isn’t a commitment. There is no obligation involved with dating. No one owes anyone anything. Remember that you’re both just figuring out if you even like each other first. Don’t put pressure on things by feeling like you owe each other something, you really don’t.
  8. Be the date you want to have: It’s not only down to the guy/girl to make the date a success, it’s your responsibility too. You’re sitting at the table to no? lol. Put your phone away. Be attentive. Ask questions. Don’t bring up your ex. Take an interest in the details of his/her life by listening, paraphrasing, and engaging. Don’t be lame
  9. Just be the awesome you that you are 💅🏽!: Dates can sometims feel like interviews. You may answer questions with one word answers. Sound like Kourtney K’s monotone voice. Any  pretending will stop you from knowing that someone is really  into you. If you’re real, you’ll get real results. Be brave, be true, and most of all, believe that someone will celebrate and desire you.

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