The temperature in London has dropped magnificently, I’m such a winter person however I wasn’t prepared for the cold eek. I need to invest in a pair of hat, scarf and gloves before I freeze! There’s nothing greater then taking a stroll to clear your mind and to get some fresh air in your lungs. The month of December is super hectic for everyone with Christmas around the corner and sometimes you just need to stop.


With New Years just on the horizon you can’t help but start to divulge in to what this year had install for you with your girlies. Counting how many succesful dates you all went on between you, the nights out, carnival haha (maybe some want to forget) and just other amazing memories! Its a great time to reflect

For 2018, I wish for success and happiness for all my loved ones. There’s nothing better than seeing people around you making serious moves in their career and dreams. Its inspiring. Positive energy can only reproduces positive energy. If you’re a list maker, jot your goals down. Be a planner, be productive. 2018 is a stone throw away









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