So this evening I’ve been racking my brain with this question…

Does love and worth go hand in hand?

Scenario : You’ve broken up with your partner, he/she may have been the light in your life, but you’ve had your rough patches. You call it quits because you know you are worth  someone who will treat you like a king/queen but… you love them. If you decided to go back in to that relationship, does that mean you don’t know your worth. Or you do know your worth but the love overrides it…



Do we as women put up with ‘nonsense’ not because we are not aware of our worth but because of love?

Is the saying ‘blinded by love’ used very loosely. I’m sitting here typing racking my brain to find the right answers to these questions. When in our minds did we have an already made “to do” list of what we should receive from our partners because were worth it. And when we we’re not able to tick them off one by one the relationship starts to get rocky.

A part of me blames myself for the endless scrolling on Instagram, bombarded with the constant #couplegoals #goals slapped under every baecation ( a baecation is a holiday with your spouse. Just in case you were unaware) picture I saw this summer meh lol. That ish literally drains me. (Okay I’m just being salty)

I know numerous amazing people (men and women) who may be in relationships, gone back to an ex or are in a situationship. Who know their worth, have their heads screwed on BUT stay stationary in their environment because they love the person. Is love really that strong?


So ladies and gents my question still is : Does love and worth go hand in hand?


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  1. Laura says:

    Such a good question, one I’ve never actually considered before. I think identifying that love can be blind indicates that you push your worth aside when blinded by love. If you stay with someone because they’re comforting, attractive and you’re used to being with them everyday then you probably are not realising your worth enough. But at same time I think women overexaggerate their worth sometimes and feel that they deserve more when really they just need to focus on the rough patches and compromise on personality traits. I dunno. lool.

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