Well hello my lovelies and welcome back to another blog post

Hope you are all enjoying the British Summer! Am I the only one who is majorly shooketh of this weather? I mean 26 degrees plus eek!

NOW… I’m here today to talk about one of the dreaded chores us ladies have to endure. Cleaning our make up brushes and watching product wash down the sink that never made it on to our faces waaaah. Those dry hands you get, adding more and more soap just to make sure your beauty blender is truly clean.


HOWEVER! I think I’ve found something that will help knock this sometimes 30min long process a lot shorter. Please welcome the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palatte – I picked this up 2 days ago on my daily adventures to Westfield as I was looking for a new product to clean my brushes with.




Real Techniques says “Great makeup application starts with a clean brush. The brush cleansing palette helps sweep away makeup, oil, and impurities from bristles to give you truer, more consistent color application.
Performance-grade silicone: lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably over your hand.
Exclusive multi-textured surfaces: designed to gently work between the bristles for enhanced deep cleansing”

Sounds right up my street!

How to use

Step 1: Slip hand into the palette and squeeze a dime size amount of our deep cleansing gel onto the tool. Add warm water to the palette.

Step 2: Swirl brush into the gel and water across the various surfaces until the brush is clean. Rinse bristles thoroughly, being careful to not fully immerse the base of the bristles. Squeeze out the excess water.

Step 3: Rest your brushes across the surface of the tool to dry or use the panoramic case from our sets (sold separately) to dry brushes upside down.

Review: Just a quick disclaimer that these are my own opinions and have not been sponsored 🙂

GUYS! I flipping love this product! Having endured a mammoth brush cleaning session myself , it was so amazing to cut the time down. For larger brushes or your beauty blender/foundation brush may take a little extra elbow grease to truly rid the brush of the product – but nevertheless it cleans like a dream.

Another great point – there isn’t a strong fragrance from the gel. So it doesn’t leave a scent on your brushes.

I’ll have to admit, I won’t say that this is the best brush cleaner out there BUT  it is definitely more effective than what I used to use.

The Palette retails for £12.99 from your local boots store





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