Hola Mallorca

Mallorca ☀️

I’ve visited Spain many times before, but it was my first time in Mallorca.

Mallorca is such a beautiful place, the open fields and mountains in the distance that surround the small island have captured my heart. I know people always think its weird that I’ve taken multiple trips to Spain, but when you visit different islands nothing is identical. Its always a new adventure. The fresh food, the people, the atmosphere…its perfection.




I was in Spain with my friend Aaliyah as it was her 22nd birthday! So I had one and only one goal for the week…to totally have FUN, and relax on the beach also hehe. Living in London I feel like my mind is always travelling at one hundred miles an hour, so any opportunity for me to switch off i’m definitely taking it! So i’m in holiday mode and in that holiday head space, its bliss.




We stayed at ‘The Lis’ hotel, just 5 minutes from the beach. In all honesty I was very sceptical at first as I’ve never stayed in a 3* hotel all less so I didn’t know what to expect, I promise ya’ll I’m not boujee I just like 4* or above ha don’t judge me lol. To my utter surprise the hotel was beautiful and simple, the staff were extremely helpful in letting us know where the best place were to visit. A lovely touch was the rooftop area which had a bar and a jaccuzi, so its perfect for watching the stars while sipping on a cocktail…or two.



Mallorca itself is bustling island filled with tiny traditional shops, Spanish restaurants and various bars and gelato shops. The food in Spain is genuinely beautiful as its all from fresh produce, if you like sea food you’d particularly enjoy the food.

Siesta’s is one of smartest ideas I’ve ever heard (a siesta is when businesses close their stores between 1pm-5pm to go home and chill! I honestly believe London needs that). While the streets are quiet is the best time to head around the town and take pictures, its warm and the sun light or sun set is magical. One evening we headed to the Beach and luckily caught the sun set with our feet in the sand, it really is one of those places that you can’t get enough of.

These snaps are just a small snippet from the holiday, sadly the outfits in these pictures was for my holiday to Thailand (best holiday ever btw) so all the items are sold out waah apologies!


Lots of Love



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