She put the she in Shea Moisture 💁🏽

Guys nobody panic I’m back

In the words of Bryson Tiller..I’m back and betterrrrrrr

And I’m actually nowhere near better ha! 😭 I’ve been ill since the 1st of January and it’s now the 22nd I’m still so under the weather. So apologies for my absence on the blog amigos  I’ve just been coughing and sneezing my life away.


Okay so today’s post is going to be about my deep love affair with the hair brand Shea Moisture. Now if you’ve never heard of them before I can’t be too mad at you due to only finding out about them roughly 2 years ago.

Heres a quick clip about this awesome brand ⬇️





Since bleaching my hair blonde  in 2015 (biggest friggin mistake of my life lol) I had to undergo a massive hair rescue.  This meant cutting my hair off and wearing weave for about a year to help the growth. I was gutted 😂 I was too fast and had to face the consequences like a grown up.

This is the product that helped my damaged strands back to the promise land.



I remember walking around in boots and looking for something that could help damaged Afro hair,  i’ve seen a lot of YouTubers using Shea Moisture but I thought it was only available in the states because I hadn’t seen any UK YouTubers talking about them. I didn’t realise boots stocked Shea Moisture products so when I saw the stand I gravitated towards it immediately, half in shock and half in pure joy.

I picked up the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow and Restore shampoo and conditioner both retailing for £12.99, I know it’s a little pricey but a little goes a long way with this product. The benefits of JBCO make it worth the purchase alone. In conjunction with the JBCO other ingredients such as apple cider vinegar which is a natural clarifier for your hair and scalp. My scalp has always been on the drier side of life 🙄 so when I saw there was apple cider vinegar in the ingredients I was sold!






On the label it states

“Its clarifying, sulfate-free formula nourishes, strengthens and removes product build up to reduce hair breakage, shedding and to promote hair growth. Infused with apple cider vinegar and Shea butter to aid in regulating and balancing ph levels on the scalp for soft, shiny hair. Gentle enough for every day use”


Now  when I read that this product helps hair growth I was very sceptical as a lot of brands claim that their products can help stimulate hair growth . But I thought why not I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this brand so I yanked my purse out and bought it.


My hair has grown back longer, healthier and stronger…

I can honestly say that I saw an immediate difference after using the shampoo and conditioner. There was less hair in the drain and more hair in my head. I can say, indeed, it does reduce breakage as well as overall shedding.

The full Shea Moisture range can be found at

*disclaimer* this product can be used on any hair type 💪🏽💇🏾


Let me know your experiences with any Shea Moisture products


lots of love

J x


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  1. Ritika Singh says:

    oh yes shea moisture products are love

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