It happened again.

I finally got my manicured claws on 4 more KYLIE lip kits

Now there is no doubt that everybody knows I love the Kardashians. I know some of you think I’m totally crazy but sadly I’m obsessed with the show LOL.

If  you don’t already know, Kylie released her own make up range in 2015 ( Kylie Cosmetics) and with that range, she released an array of Matte lipsticks. If you have been on the journey like me, of trying to find the perfect High Street lipstick you may have tried one or two from her line 💄.

I ordered these beauties on Cyber Monday and snagged them for $23, which is £17 each 😬

I was so excited to come home after a long day at work and to see my delivery on the stairs. They didn’t get lost in shipping  or stolen in the post office (these are things you have to think about when you order really good beauty products across the pond!) They were finally mine.

So I bought – Moon, Leo, Pumpkin and Love Bite 👄






Hold on.

For the last time, they are not just repackaged ColourPop products! Everyone really needs get over this!

I have tried the first batch of the Kylie lip kit when I originally bought 22 & true brown K, and since then Kylie has revamped and improved the formulas.

Ladies you’ve probably heard that the lip kit is the best liquid lipstick on the market right now, and no one is lying to you ladies. I have tried so many High Street liquid lipsticks you could think of and I have my favourites, but this one? This has honestly, hands down beat them all.  I believe that the lip kit has changed what a liquid lipstick should be, Kylie has definitely set a high standard and has sadly beaten all my favourite High Street liquid lipsticks out of the water 😭.

The only complaint I have about the lip kits, is that they are drying, but not so drying where it’s very uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. Sadly, they do flake and draw out the fine lines on your lips sometimes.  But for me, even with these problems; I prefer these liquid lipsticks over anything else due to the coverage, pigmentation, and more then anything they stay on through out anything you throw at it. OKAY they are quite drying , but I will always prefer these lipsticks because they stay in place all day and all night. The Kylie lip kit surely delivers what you pay for.







Has anyone ever experienced when you find the liner in the perfect colour, but only to find that the liner is so stiff that it’s so hard to use. Kylie’s liner is so smooth that it literally glides on. It couldn’t be any easier to apply, which helps you get that perfectly snatched lip (snatched means good if you’re wondering).  The pigmentation is so good that you could wear them with out topping them off with the liquid lipstick, and their staying power is bomb as well.





The liquid in the tubes are very thin and very very pigmented. You could do your entire lip with one pass if you really wanted to. The thin liquid is great because when you’re applying the product, it dries down completely matte while still being quite flexible, elastic and comfortable. They really aren’t going anywhere once it’s on your lips; so you can eat, drink, swim (not sure about that last one) without worry about touchups oooo la la.

They’re super fragranced with a delicious marshmallow scent, that disappears once dried down, so the scent won’t sit below your nose and bug you all day.

Personally I love the smell


The Lip Kit retails for $29 and includes the liquid lipstick and matching liner. Considering you’re going to part with £15.50/£18 for most liquid lipsticks on the market, this is a great price for a set of two products!





Let me know what you’re favourite liquid lipsticks are ☺️


Love Jx





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