For some strange reason, one of the most popular questions I get asked is “ you read?” 

Now I believe I am asked that question because people think I am really smart or something…or maybe not ha! Then follows with the question “What sort of books do you read?”

SOOOOOOO! I thought I will start making post on books/authors I’m loving at the moment to maybe inspire you guys to pick one of them up.  I truly, truly believe they’re two types of people in this world; PEOPLE WHO LOVE READING & PEOPLE WHO HATE READING!

For all the people who hate reading  I gotchu!





Mr. James Patterson has embarked on creating a collection of short story books, calling the project “BookShots” that can get anyone reading. I have recently bought about 12, priced £1.50 a pop which is super cheap. They are quite a quick read, but great for journeying to and from work on the busy London tubes.

The company is planning to publish 21 BookShots in 2016, including thrillers, science fiction, mysteries and romances, so there is something for everyone.










     You can find these little gems in your local Asda, Tesco, Waterstones and Foils, so grab one for the cosy autumn nights to come. My favourite so far is Hunted eek!





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