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NOW today’s post will be on BROWN LIPSTICK & HIGHLIGHTER. Yes ladies! brown. That classic 90’s lip all the celebs were rocking in the music vids and movies, from ladies such as Tyra Banks and Whitney Houston.

When I say the colour brown to a lot of ladies the initial response is 50/50, its either “I would love to try it but I don’t think I can pull it off” OR “That’s way too much of a bold lip”


I have recently embarked on the journey of a brown lip. As I am brown myself (yes I said brown haha) I thought that it would look rather weird. Brown lips on brown skin is so bold and beautiful as it really insinuates your features. For me it’s the BOMB.COM

Recently, I have been trying to find the perfect highlighter for my skin tone, so I can show my glow within these cheek bones, ooooh currr!. Not too bright and not too pink was my preferences. AND WALLA! I THINK I’VE FOUND ONE. The Mac mineralise skin finish highlighter with beautiful gold pigments which makes me look, no world of a lie, like a princess (crying emjoi lol) my slay has now gone up to a stong 6/10 with this product ha




WHIRL :  is described as a “dirty rose.” It’s a muted, medium-dark rosy brown with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had good pigmentation–almost opaque–with a creamy texture that applied without dragging. You can put a brown lip pencil on first and then the lipstick on top to create a deeper tone. This colour will be perfect as we begin to enter in to autumn.



ANTIQUE VELVET : is described as an “intense brown (with a Matte finish).” It’s a muted, dark chocolate brown with warm, mahogany undertones and a satin sheen. Personally for myself, I didn’t quite like the satin finish to it, so to make it more matte, I just put a sheet of tissue over my lips and dabbed some of my studio fix powder from mac to get rid of the shine. But I believe you can do it with any given powder you have.

P.S apologies for the picture, you can see its used eek!



TAUPE:  is described as an “reddish taupe brown” with a matte finish. Its a muted warm brown which just screams autumnal vibes. Depending on skin tone, the colour will obviously look either darker/lighter, but either way its such a pretty colour we all need to have in our Mac collections.




MINERALIZE SKINFINISH: this is a luxurious, slow baked, velvet soft, face powder with a radiant finish. If you use a fan brush and strategically buff on to add highlights to the cheek bones and other high parts of the face. I like to place mine on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, cupids bow and occasionally my brow bone. It gives your skin a luminous polish to the skin.

TIP: When applying any highlight, use a damp beauty blender to then push the product in to the skin to give it that more inner glow look. You know what Beyonce says, “I woke up like this”…







Let me know if you would dare to venture in to the world of brown lipsticks

J x


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